Rep. Nino Vitale isn’t happy about getting an F

Earlier this month, Equality Ohio introduced our first Elected Official Scorecard. There were some As, some Bs, quite a bit of Cs, and even some Ds and Fs. One Ohio legislator, Rep. Nino Vitale, did not appreciate his grade.

He took to Facebook, and here, we fact-check his post.

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My Concerns about the Democrat Party. Part 4 – Denial of Nature, Vitale Receives an F 10/9/2018

In my continuing series on what’s wrong with the Democrat party and how it is dividing our union, I now look at the culture war going on in our country and my recent “F” rating by Equality Ohio. Make no mistake that what we have seen with the Kavanaugh hearings is driven by this culture war. Why is this the case? Because the liberal Democrats have been unable to pass their social agenda through legislation in most places. The only way they get their social experimentation through, is by getting judges on the Supreme Court or 1 judge in a district court somewhere, to issue an opinion. The only way they win is through judicial fiat, not through voters.

Do you remember when over 3 million Ohioans voted that in our great state, marriage would be between one man and one woman? Ohioans overwhelmingly voted in favor of traditional marriage, which was put in our Ohio Constitution. Is it right that a few unelected people in black robes overturn the will of a sovereign state and some 3 million plus Ohio voters? Are we to be ruled by the will of unelected judges?

This week, Equality Ohio put out their ratings on legislators and I received an “F” rating. I guess Biblical Christian principles now get F ratings. What did I do to earn the F rating? I wrote a bill called the Ohio Pastor Protection Act that states that if you are a pastor or church property, you cannot be sued or forced to participate in a religious ceremony that is against your church’s beliefs. This bill is a shield, not a sword. The only way someone would be against this bill is if a person believes that a pastor or church SHOULD be sued and forced to do things against their deeply held beliefs.

Remember when the homosexual movement was all about love and acceptance? Now, the LGBTQ movement will not accept anyone who does not accept (condone or promote) their lifestyle. To the point of suing to force people to assent to their belief system.

Here is a basic observation that nature can teach us. If we put all homosexual men on one island, all homosexual women on another, and all heterosexuals on a 3rd island and came back in 100 years, what would you find? Death, death and life. Human civilization cannot survive based on homosexual principles. What’s more, the Democrat party advocates for men who claim to be woman, going into the bathroom with little girls. They advocate for the alleged changing of sexes where a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man and call that normal. Science says there are X and Y chromosomes. That is what is written in our nature and our DNA. Nature has decided that we are male or female. Yet Democrats want to expose very confused people to young girls in bathrooms, (Target), and push for these values to be taught in our schools.

If you take a 23andme or Ancestry.com DNA test the results you will get back are specific DNA typing about your X or Y chromosomes. There will be no other columns about questioning, non-binary, or any other such thing. It is very clear when you look at science that there are male and female. But if you support grown men, claiming that they are women and wanting to be in the bathroom with our little girls, this is what the Democrat party supports.

The liberal Democrats have pushed this hyper-sexualized culture so much that it is now commonplace to have children as young as 8, being taught how to put a condom on a banana in public schools. We complain that we don’t like the rape culture, the abuse culture, but we don’t want to see that there is primarily one party promoting the, ‘do what you want with no control over yourself, anything goes culture.’

Try and teach the virtue of abstinence in schools. Try and teach that you should preserve your purity until marriage. NOPE. The Democrat Party fights these efforts being taught in schools at every turn. They will surely put your taxpayer money into health classes with bananas and condoms but try and teach that your body is yours and that men and women in the confines of the sacredness of marriage have a special gift of creating a new human life and they will immediately fight you. People might start thinking those are actually BABIES in the womb that deserve protection!

I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. The commandment says ‘honor thy father and thy mother.’ You can build an entire civilization on those 6 words and I will stand with God even if no one will stand with me. If you support this sex culture of “anything with anybody at any time,” this is what the Democrat party supports.