Attack on the U.S. Capitol threatens democracy and lays bare disparities in police use of force

We, like so many, are in shock at the terrorist attacks of the past twenty-four hours that sought to undermine our democracy. 

The Trump-supporting insurrectionists—both in D.C. and at our own Statehouse here in Ohio—were violent, armed, and overwhelmingly White. The police resistance used against them was minimal, especially if we compare it to the violence experienced by those protesting the police killings of unarmed Black and Brown people.

Let us be very clear: If these individuals had been Black, Queer, Muslim, undocumented protestors—they would have been subjected to far more resistance, tear gas, harassment, and violence.

We are not necessarily surprised. This is a result of White supremacy not only unchecked, but actively encouraged by Trump and other lawmakers. 

In spite of their attack, democracy prevailed, and a peaceful transition of power is within reach. 

But it is clear we have much work to do. We affirm today that we will not back down. We will not be discouraged or let fear lead us. We will continue to hold our elected officials, Republicans and Democrats, accountable at all levels of government. We will defend our democracy. We will continue to work to undo the habits and systems of White supremacy that underpin all of what we are witnessing—including within ourselves. 

We see you, and we are here with you.

Be kind to yourselves today. Check in on those you know and love. Recharge. There is much rebuilding to be done, and we are in it for the long haul.