Take Action
Make a Call

In just a couple minutes, you can make a powerful impact. Legislators take calls from people very seriously.

Please call Senator Dave Burke at 614-956-3095. He is the chair of the Ohio Senate Health, Human Services, and Medicaid Committee, so he can decide whether to advance the Conversion Therapy Ban. Since this issue impacts all Ohioans, he needs to hear from all of us, regardless of your district.

You will likely speak to an aide, or if it’s after hours, you’ll leave a voicemail.

Say something like this:

My name is [name] and I am calling to ask that Senator Burke hold a hearing for Senate Bill 130, which bans the harmful practice of so-called “conversion therapy”, so it can move through the legislative process.

Level Title Number Status Equality Ohio Position Topics
state Designate Pride Month SB138 Referred to Government Oversight and Reform Support Pride Month
state Designating “Coming Out Day” HB363 Referred to State & Local Government Committee 10/9/2019 Support Coming Out Day
federal Equality Act HR5 Passed House of Representatives 5/17/2019 Support LGBTQ Nondiscrimination
state LGBTQ Youth Medical Care Ban HB513 Referred to Health 3/10/20 Oppose LGBTQ Youth, Healthcare
state Ohio Fairness Act (House) HB369 Sponsor Testimony 11/19/2019 Support LGBTQ Nondiscrimination
state Ohio Fairness Act (Senate) SB11 Proponent Testimony 5/22/2019 Support LGBTQ Nondiscrimination
state Protecting Youth from Conversion “Therapy” (House) HB503 Referred to Health 2/19/20 Support Conversion Therapy, LGBTQ Youth
state Protecting Youth from Conversion “Therapy” (Senate) SB130 Referred to Health, Human Services and Medicaid 5/1/19 Support Conversion Therapy, LGBTQ Youth
state Transgender Athlete Ban HB527 Referred to Primary & Secondary Education 3/10/20 Oppose LGBTQ Youth, High School and College Sports
local Westerville Nondiscrimination & Hate Crimes Ordinances 2019-18 & 2019-19 PASSED 11/19/19 Support LGBTQ Nondiscrimination, Hate Crimes