Take Action: Call Committee Members!

In just a couple minutes, you can make a powerful impact. Legislators take calls from people very seriously. Because this bill is in a committee they sit on, these lawmakers are key votes on whether or not a bill moves forward. Every call to a committee member counts. Bellow you can find their phone number and office emails.

Families, Aging, Human Services Committee:


Susan Manchester Chair 614-466-6344 [email protected]
Alessandro Cutrona Vice Chair 614-466-6107 [email protected]
Sedrick Denson Ranking Member 614-466-1308 [email protected]
Cindy Abrams Majority Party Member 614-466-9091 [email protected]
Sara Carruthers Majority Party Member 614-644-6721 [email protected]
Gary Click Majority Party Member 614-466-1374 [email protected]
Jay Edwards Majority Party Member 614-466-2158 [email protected]
Tim Ginter Majority Party Member 614-466-8022 [email protected]
Diane Grendell Majority Party Member 614-644-5088 [email protected]
Latyna Humphrey Minority Party Member 614-466-8010 [email protected]
Marilyn John Majority Party Member 614-466-5802 [email protected]
Beth Liston Minority Party Member 614-644-6030 [email protected]
Jean Schmidt Majority Party Member 614-466-8134 [email protected]
Dan Troy Minority Party Member 614-466-7251 [email protected]
Monique Smith Minority Party Member 614-466-0961 [email protected]


You will likely speak to an aide, or if it’s after hours, you’ll leave a voicemail.

Say something like this:

My name is [name], my pronouns are (your pronouns), and I am calling to ask the Representative to vote NO on HB 454, preventing minors in Ohio from receiving the recommended medical care and further stigmatize transgender and non-binary youth. Everyone in Ohio, regardless of their age or gender, deserves access to safe, fact-based medical care. Please vote NO on HB 454 and do not allow the bill receive another hearing. Thank you for your time!

If you’d like to get more involved with our work, sign up to volunteer at https://equalityohio.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Level Title Number Status Equality Ohio Position Topics
state Banning Critical Race Theory (House) HB322/HB327 Introduced 05/25/2021 Oppose Racial Justice, Education, LGBTQ Youth
state Designate Pride Month 2021 SB197 Referred to Government Oversight and Reform Committee 06/16/2021 Support Pride Month
state Don’t Say Gay, Don’t Mention Race HB 616 Introduced 04/04/2022 Oppose Education
federal Equality Act HR5 Passed House of Representatives 2/25/2021 Support LGBTQ Nondiscrimination
state HB454: Banning Affirming Care HB454 Introduced 10/19/2021 Oppose Healthcare, Affirming Care, Transgender
state Ohio Fairness Act (House) HB208 Referred to House Commerce & Labor Committee 3/17/2021 Support LGBTQ Nondiscrimination
state Ohio Fairness Act (Senate) SB119 Referred to Senate Government Oversight Committee 3/11/2021 Support LGBTQ Nondiscrimination
state Protecting Youth from Conversion “Therapy” (House) HB420 Referred to Health 2/19/20 Support Conversion Therapy, LGBTQ Youth
state Protecting Youth from Conversion “Therapy” (Senate) SB50 Referred to Health 2/10/21 Support Conversion Therapy, LGBTQ Youth
state Transgender Athlete Ban (House) HB61 Referred to Primary and Secondary Education Committee, 2/4/2021 Oppose LGBTQ Youth, High School and College Sports
state Transgender Athlete Ban (Senate) SB132 Introduced 3/16/2021 Oppose LGBTQ Youth, High School and College Sports