A joyous evening of celebration honoring the outstanding work of a Columbus LGBTQ Ally to and the impactful work of a Columbus LGBTQ Advocate.

Enjoy small bites and flowing libations.


Our Honored Ally, G. Michael Payton



G. Michael Payton served The Ohio Civil Rights Commission for 18 years and experiencing and made great accomplishments to advance civil rights in the state of Ohio. Payton has been an outspoken advocate for including LGBTQ people in Ohio’s nondiscrimination laws. Upon retiring from OCRC, Payton said: “It has been a high privilege and honor to serve our state. I’m grateful for all of the great citizens that I’ve met along the way. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to lead our agency in administrating Ohio’s strong public policy against discrimination.”


Our Honored Advocate, Julia M. Applegate



Julia M. Applegate directs the Equitas Health Institute at Equitas Health where she leads LGBTQ+ health education, research and community engagement efforts to improve the health and wellness of LGBTQ+ communities across Ohio and beyond. Julia holds a Master of Arts in Women’s, Sexuality and Gender Studies from The Ohio State University and has 20 years of teaching experience in this field at the University level. She is currently working on obtaining a Master of Public Health degree from The Ohio State University.

Thank You To Our Elected Officials for Equality 

Marilyn & Eric Brown

Thank You To Our Host Committee
(in formation)

Sandy Anderson & Lynn Readey, Herb Asher, Barbara Benham, Rev. J. Bennett Guess & James Therrien, Kathy Bowman & Kim Seibert, Ted & Bobbie Celeste, Joshua Culbertson, Jody Davis & Jennifer Evans, Amanda & Bryan Everitt, Paul Feeney & Chad Braun, Sally D. Fitch, Molly Hagkull, Susan & Mitch Hyde, Melodee Kornacker, Trip & Lexie Lazarus, Carole Lunney & Conor Hayes, Keith McNeil, Jim Obergefell, Kimber Perfect, Adam Pulskamp & Joe Trapp, R. L. & Barbara Richards, Mark & Sue Real, Michael Smithson, Maureen & David Teed, Jaron Terry & Brian Smith, Joseph Wenger IV, Joseph & Lisa Wenger

Champions of Equality

Partners for Equality