HB36 Legislative Timeline

Tue, 11/27/18, 10:15am – 1st Hearing, Sponsor Testimony (North Hearing Room) DONE

Wed, 11/28/18, 2:30pm (after session, time could be delayed) – 2nd Hearing, Proponent Testimony (North Hearing Room) DONE

Thu, 11/29/18, 9:30AM – 3rd Hearing, Opponent/Interested Party Testimony & Possible Vote (North Hearing Room) DONE

Thu, 11/29/18, Amendment to Ohio’s civil rights code removed

Next Steps

The Pastor Protection Act has passed the Ohio House of Representatives.

It is currently in the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee. It was scheduled for a possible vote on 11/29/18. It was not voted on. Instead, it was amended to remove a provision which modified Ohio’s civil rights code.


It began its life as an insult to same-sex couples, claiming to give clergy authority they already had––to decline to marry a couple that doesn’t align with their faith. There was also a threat that the bill could undo certain civil rights protections for all couples, not just LGBTQ couples.

That threat was real. It passed the Ohio House as a vehicle which explicitly undermines Ohio’s civil rights laws, and not just for same-sex couples. On Thursday, the amendment which made this explicit was removed. However, the bill still contains bad provisions that affect Ohio’s nondiscrimination protections with regards to public accommodations. 

It is being considered in the Ohio Judiciary Committee. Please call your Senator and ask them to VOTE NO on HB36 if given the opportunity.