Central Ohio Regional Organizer

Position Description: Central Ohio Regional Organizer

The Central Ohio Regional Organizer – who focuses on both grassroots organizing as well as strengthening grasstop partnerships and relationships – significantly expands the ability for EOEF to directly extend statewide and local policy and education strategies into Central Ohio and build capacity with the many connections established here. 


Equality Ohio is Ohio’s statewide LGBTQ+ advocacy and education organization.

November 2, 2004, was a turning point for Ohio’s LGBTQ+ community. In spite of the efforts of thousands of community members and allies, ⅔ of Ohio’s voters passed a measure limiting our legal rights in the state we call home. We were devastated.

Across the state, political insiders, grassroots activists, and everyday Ohioans who had never before been politically engaged, all reached the same conclusion: something new, something strategic, had to be done to protect our communities and one another. In 2005, sixty-five people, diverse in gender, race, religion, and region of Ohio, answered the call and gathered in the basement of a church in Columbus. After two long days, one vision emerged: an Ohio that everyone can call home. Equality Ohio (a 501c4 organization) and Equality Ohio Education Fund (a 501c3 organization) were born.

In the years since, Equality Ohio has changed hearts, minds and laws in service of creating an Ohio where people are welcome, affirmed and flourishing. 

Our Mission: Equality Ohio identifies and transforms systems and institutions so LGBTQ+ Ohioans can fully access legal and lived equality.

Our Vision: An Ohio where people are welcome, affirmed and flourishing.

Primary responsibilities: 

The purpose of the Central Ohio Organizer is to maximize the collaborative potential among Central  Ohio’s community leaders, social justice and LGBTQ organizations, faith communities, unions, and businesses around the goal of advocacy for and with LGBTQ community members and our allies. The Central Ohio Regional Organizer seeks to capitalize on the success in the region by creating a lasting infrastructure to support LGBTQ equality in Central Ohio.

The overarching objectives of the Central Ohio Organizer include the following:

  • Strengthening organizational partnerships in Central Ohio;
  • Connecting Central Ohio LGBTQ organizations with state and national resources;
  • Creating connections in and engaging suburban and rural Central Ohio communities in LGBTQ education and advocacy;
  • Provide leadership, training, and know-your-rights resources to underserved and marginalized populations;
  • Connecting LGBTQ individuals to the Equality Ohio Legal Clinic for support and referral as appropriate; 
  • Developing professional capacities of student advocates through management of undergraduate interns and graduate fellows; and
  • Growing statewide support for LGBTQ equality.

Specific goals in furtherance of these objectives include the following:

  • Increase momentum around advancing LGBTQ issues through local civic engagement and policy work; 
  • Connect Central Ohio residents with state and federal legislators through constituent meetings, earned media opportunities, and educational events.
  • Coordinate connectivity among community leaders, elected officials, donors, LGBTQ organizations and other stakeholders to advance LGBTQ-inclusive education and policy at the local and state level;
  • Communicate strategies for advancing intersectional LGBTQ concerns among a diverse array of leaders, in addition to LGBTQ and other social justice organizations;
  • Support and bring awareness to the LGBTQ services in place in Central  Ohio, including those offered through Kaleidoscope Youth Center, PFLAG Chapters, GLSEN Chapters, TransOhio, Equitas Health, BQIC, Stonewall Columbus, Equality Ohio Legal Clinic, and many others;
  • Foster leadership development opportunities to address specific emergent needs of the LGBTQ community, especially among historically marginalized populations such as the transgender community and people of color; and
  • Be present with and activate the LGBTQ community through thoughtful response in crisis situations.

Minimum Requirements:

Candidates for this position should:

  • Be fluent in issues facing the LGBTQ community and have an exceptional commitment to LGBTQ communities;
  • Be able to manage themselves and others by setting and achieving goals;
  • Be competent in working with diverse groups in an intersectional manner and across all levels of organizations with a commitment to building positive collaboration;
  • Have demonstrated experience in grassroots organizing strategies (experience with LGBTQ campaign work is advantageous but not required);
  • Be comfortable working in faith communities;
  • Willing to engage in Equality Ohio’s theory of change which includes understanding that the process of changing hearts and minds is not overnight or immediate;
  • Have excellent written, verbal, and listening communication skills, along with effective public speaking and presentation skills;
  • Be prepared to work evenings and some weekends, on a fast-paced schedule that may change on short notice;
  • Ability to work independently without constant direct staff contact;
  • Have at least 2 years professional or volunteer experience in community organizing, project management, volunteer management, legislative work, or electoral work; 
  • Have a basic understanding of adult education theory and an ability to craft and lead trainings for a variety of audiences;
  • Be able to effectively manage competing priorities and re-prioritize as needed; 
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.), Google Drive, and preferably familiarity with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system;
  • Be able to travel independently across the state, at times overnight;
  • Have experience leading and managing others; and
  • Spanish speakers a plus.

Characteristics: Resourceful, Charismatic, Detail-Oriented, Flexible, Self-Motivated, Passionate

Application Instructions: Send a cover letter and resume to employment@equalityohio.org. People of color and those with gender-expansive identities are strongly encouraged to apply.