Equality Ohio Legal Fellows


Equality Ohio Education Fund is seeking individuals who wish to apply for a legal fellow position in Equality Ohio’s Legal Clinic. These are 10-month, 20 hours per week/$20 per hour positions begin in September/October 2020 and end in July 2021.  Applicants are being sought after for 2 positions:

  • A floating position between Cleveland and Columbus, stationed in either Cleveland or Columbus
  • A floating position between Columbus and Cincinnati, stationed in either Columbus or Cincinnati.  


November 2, 2004, was a turning point for Ohio’s LGBTQ+ community. In spite of the efforts of thousands of community members and allies, ⅔ of Ohio’s voters passed a measure limiting our legal rights in the state we call home. We were devastated.

Across the state, political insiders, grassroots activists, and everyday Ohioans who had never before been politically engaged, all reached the same conclusion: something new, something strategic, had to be done to protect our communities and one another. In 2005, sixty-five people, diverse in gender, race, religion, and region of Ohio, answered the call and gathered in the basement of a church in Columbus. After two long days, one vision emerged: an Ohio that everyone can call home. Equality Ohio (a 501c4 organization) and Equality Ohio Education Fund (a 501c3 organization) were born.

In the years since, Equality Ohio has changed hearts, minds and laws in service of creating an Ohio where people are welcome, affirmed and flourishing. 

Our Mission: Equality Ohio identifies and transforms systems and institutions so LGBTQ+ Ohioans can fully access legal and lived equality.

Our Vision: An Ohio where people are welcome, affirmed and flourishing.

Structure of Equality Ohio:

EOEF is a 501(c)(3) organization governed by the Equality Ohio Education Fund Board. Equality Ohio is a 501(c)(4) organization governed by the Equality Ohio Board. Twenty-four community leaders from across Ohio currently serve on these Boards, providing EOEF and Equality Ohio with intellectual depth and a well-rounded body of experienced leadership. 


Under the supervision of the Legal Director and Staff attorney:

  • Provide direct representation for clients regionally in targeted areas of law;
  • Conduct email, telephonic, and in-person intake for individuals needing legal assistance;
  • Assist in the referral and follow-up of referrals to outside social service agencies or attorneys as appropriate;
  • Update and maintain referral database of  LGBTQ and affirming counselors, organizations, and agencies nearest in proximity to their location; 
  • Continuous outreach to LGBTQ  & Allied attorneys, legal-serving organizations, and LGBTQ-serving organizations;
  • Create/update LGBTQ Know-Your-Rights pamphlets, materials, videos and brochures;
  • Organize monthly Know-Your-Rights workshops across  designated region;
  • Develop tools for social media outreach and information dissemination via Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Attorney Blog, etc;
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Qualifications & Desired Skill Sets:

  • Barred attorney in the state of Ohio
  • Comfort with and demonstrated prior involvement working with the LGBTQ community 
  • Demonstrated passion for public interest and social justice work
  • Excellent oral, written and listening communication skills
  • Ability to work with diverse groups in an intersectional manner and across all levels of organizations with a commitment to teamwork
  • Effective public speaking and presentation skills
  • Valid Ohio drivers license with daily access to insured vehicle 
  • Demonstrated reliability, creativity, versatility, and initiative
  • Proficiency with Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook), Google Drive, and LexisNexis/Westlaw or other legal research software 

Application Instructions: Send a cover letter and resume to employment@equalityohio.org.

People of color, LGBTQ people, and those with gender-expansive identities are strongly encouraged to apply.