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HB322 & HB327: Banning Critical Race Theory

HB322 & HB327 will ban the teaching of certain topics surrounding race, gender, and sex in Ohio schools. Both bills, placed in the State and Local Government Committee, have similar language and goals: to limit teacher’s and school district’s ability to teach about America’s complicated past in k-12 schools.

These bills are apart of a nationwide effort to whitewash history and remove important conversations from the classroom without input from teachers, staff members, or administrators and threatening to take away valuable state education funding if they do not comply.

What Can You Do?

We must stop this bill in its tracks before it gets any momentum. To do that, we need you to:

  • Email the members of the State and Local Government Committee
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper explaining just how harmful this bill is and why your elected officials should oppose it.

The Latest

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