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SB197: Designate June as Pride Month in Ohio

This bill will officially recognize Pride Month in Ohio.

The text of the bill, SB 197, reads:

“The month of June is designated as “Pride Month”.”

Show your legislators that you want to see Pride Month officially recognized in Ohio on social media! Post a picture of you and your family at Pride, and tag your State Senator and Equality Ohio in the post with #OhioPride. We’ll be sure to share your post.

What We Are Working For Next

  • A hearing for proponent testimony. If proponent testimony is scheduled, then the committee will hear from people who support recognizing Pride Month. You can speak and submit testimony. Contact kathryn@equalityohio.org. 
  • A hearing for opposition testimony. If opposition testimony is given, then the committee will hear only from people who oppose the bill. This is a normal part of the legislative process.
  • For the bill to be voted out of committee. If the bill is voted out of committee, then it can be considered for a floor vote by the entire Ohio Senate.
  • If it is voted out of the Ohio Senate, then the process repeats in the Ohio House.

The Latest

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