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Equality Ohio’s Inaugural Elected Official Scorecard: A Deeper Look

The scorecard that you see in front of you today is the result of three months of research (and gallons of coffee). There are many important elected official scorecards. This scorecard is unique in that our sole evaluation criteria are LGBTQ issues in Ohio. Equality Ohio is a nonpartisan organization and equality for LGBTQ Ohioans […]

You asked us to grade Ohio’s elected officials. So we did.

After several months of poring over voting records, newspaper archives, and social media accounts, we are proud to present Equality Ohio’s Inaugural Elected Official Scorecard. Ohio’s LGBTQ community has long been asking for a way to hold their elected officials accountable for their records on the issues so important to our community. Now, it is […]

Cuyahoga County now 21st Ohio community to welcome LGBTQ Ohioans

Cuyahoga County Council just made history for its LGBTQ residents. The council––the first county in Ohio, and only one of two that can enact such a law, the other being Summit––voted to establish county-wide LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination protections. In addition, they created a Human Rights Commission in order to advance a culture of diversity and inclusion, […]

Cuyahoga County Council Vote On LGBTQ-Inclusive Nondiscrimination: What You Can Do

You may have heard that the last Cuyahoga County Council meeting was a spectacle.Read this article from Cleveland Scene to get an idea, or watch the meeting for yourself here (content warning: anti-LGBTQ comments are made). Equality Ohio and dedicated community members have been working with the council on this ordinance for months and months––and now, the […]