Ohio Attorney General Yost betrays LGBTQ Ohioans––here’s what you can do

Ohio’s Attorney General, David Yost, has joined the Trump administration in asking the Supreme Court to rule against LGBTQ equality after they hear arguments in 3 cases related to LGBTQ discrimination under federal law this October.

He announced his intentions in a Friday afternoon “news dump”––a habit Ohio officials appear to be embracing when they fail hundreds of thousands of their LGBTQ constituents.

If there’s a bright side, maybe the act of trying to hide the news betrays the capacity for shame. Or maybe they know that it’s getting harder and harder to score political points by bullying LGBTQ people. We won’t let them get away with it no matter what their intentions.

If Yost wants to stand with Trump, we can’t stop him. But we CAN push for LGBTQ equality in Ohio.

Please call Sen. Eklund NOW at 614-634-9793 and let him know that when the Senate returns from break, it’s time to hold another hearing for the Ohio Fairness Act.

Can’t call? Send an email below.

Regardless of how the Supreme Court holds in the trio of cases before it, Ohioans need the Ohio Fairness Act, which explicitly adds nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people to state law.