Is your school district confused? Here’s Ohio High School’s Athletic Association Policy on Transgender Athletes

The Board of Directors of the OHSAA, Executive Director’s Office and member schools do hereby reaffirm the following policy considerations respecting participation in interscholastic sports in Ohio:

1. Participation in interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics is a valuable part of the education experience for all students.

2. Transgender student athletes should have equal opportunity to participate in sports.

3. The integrity of women’s sports should be preserved.

4. Policies governing sports should be based on sound medical knowledge and scientific validity.

5. Policies governing sports should be objective, workable, and practicable; they should also be written, available and equitably enforced.

6. Policies governing the participation of transgender students in sports should be fair in light of the tremendous variation among individuals in strength, size, musculature, and ability.

7. The legitimate privacy interests of all student athletes should be protected.

8. The medical privacy of transgender students should be preserved.

9. Athletic administrators, staff, parents of athletes, and student athletes should have access to sound and effective educational resources and training related to the participation of transgender and gender-variant students in athletics.

These are a simple set of principles that schools can adopt and OHSAA can help with. If you have questions about your local school’s policy, please contact info@equalityohio.org.