CHROMA Consulting

CHROMA leverages Equality Ohio’s expertise by offering personalized consultative services around reviewing, recommending, and implementing best workplace practices and policies for LGBTQ+ inclusion.

We recognize the value of attracting and retaining talent for corporations and nonprofits alike. We know that cultivating a culture of inclusion increases employee loyalty and productivity. An area of inclusion that is changing rapidly in our society is that of LGBTQ+ inclusion. We offer policy assessment and training services focused on creating a culture of inclusion for gay and transgender employees.

Policy Assessment

As experts in the field of LGBTQ+ inclusive policy, we are able to provide a thorough review of your internal policies and craft a report outlining suggestions for improvement. A member of our team can even assist your organization’s leadership in creating a strategic plan of implementing and improvements suggested.



In this training participants are given an opportunity to learn about the concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. This session serves as an introduction to the LGBTQ+ community. It is designed in a way that allows participants to deepen their understanding of themselves and of others through a posture of sensitivity and humility.


This session builds on a common understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and invites participants to engage in shaping the culture of a more inclusive workplace through everyday interactions. Participants will learn about the importance of ally-ship and how to navigate the role of an ally in conjunction with their role in the workplace.


Support for those who are undergoing a gender transition in the workplace is nuanced. However, a culture can be created and a structure can be put in place, which will allow for all team members to thrive. This session discusses some of the needs that transgender people face in the workplace and strategies that can be implemented to meet those needs.


In order to assert inclusion as a value, policies must be in place to ensure inclusion and diversity are a cultural practice —internal policy is only the first step. Advocating for similar policies external to the organization (which affect where team members reside and relax) are also crucial to workplace success. This session shares policy that should be assessed and offers opportunities to engage in public policy advocacy.

We offer sessions that fit your needs. A member of our team will work with your organization to design training sessions unique to your context and audience. We also offer a 4-part curriculum that can be tailored to fit your organization. Each session is 60-90 minutes.

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