Ohio Health Modernization Movement

Ryan White funding is diminishing, and some critical services for people living with HIV/AIDS have been affected. As a result, Equality Ohio is becoming more involved with HIV/AIDS work.

Equality Ohio is facilitating the longstanding Ohio Health Modernization Movement coalition by supporting its structure and providing legislative assistance to move the goals of the coalition forward.

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LGBTQ Youth and the Juvenile-Justice System

Nationally, 85% of LGBTQ youth in juvenile justice facilities are youth of color. And, of all girls in the criminal justice system, 40% are LGBTQ.

We don’t have any local data. We just don’t know what this looks like in Ohio––and without open data, we can’t advocate smartly for the most impactful change. Equality Ohio is starting a pilot project with youth services and some select county juvenile courts to collect demographics on the young people entering the juvenile justice system. Ultimately, we want to figure out how the system is impacting youth at every step, and what results in LGBTQ youth (and LGBTQ youth of color in particular) being overrepresented in such a dramatic fashion.

County juvenile justice courts interested in participating should contact [email protected]