The Basics
Why Testimony Matters

These are the types of hearings we could have.

  • A hearing for proponent testimony. When proponent testimony is scheduled, then the committee will hear from people who support LGBTQ+ equality. You can speak and submit testimony at that time. Create and submit your written testimony now, on this page! Your story will only go to the Equality Ohio community until it’s time; then we will contact you to officially submit your testimony to the legislature.
  • A hearing for opposition testimony. If opposition testimony is given, then the committee will hear only from people who oppose LGBTQ+ equality. This is a normal part of the legislative process for any topic.

How Your Testimony Helps

Offering testimony at a hearing for a piece of legislation is an important opportunity to let lawmakers know that the proposed legislation will have a positive effect on real people––and that you are one of those people. It is important that people from many different walks of life and diverse backgrounds provide testimony so lawmakers see a wide range of support.

Your testimony can be submitted as written-only testimony, unless otherwise determined. If you are interested in speaking, please let us know when we contact you. Please note that speaking slots will probably be limited.

After you fill out the below form, we will be in contact with you to let you know the next steps.