Rent, Escrow, and Eviction

Despite the news and social media rumors, there is no statewide moratorium on rent in Ohio. There are some protections, but they vary widely by area and court––if you would like help with any of these protections you believe you are entitled to, contact us (below).

Some good organizations are advocating for options here, but right now, you are on the hook for your rent.

So here’s a tip. The lease goes both ways.

That’s right, your landlord must keep your unit fit and habitable. If you need repairs, get in the habit of keeping making those request in writing.

Make maintenance or repair requests in writing

You do not need a pen and paper, just a record. In fact you probably already make your request in writing if you text or email your landlord––just get in the habit of saving these requests as documentation of your attempt at getting these repairs.

If the repairs are not made after a reasonable amount of time (or 30 days), you can generally deposit your rent with the Clerk of Courts instead of your landlord. They’ll hang on to it until your landlord remedy’s the problem or the issue is resolved. This process, holding your rent in escrow, lets you balance the power of negotiation with your contractual obligation to pay rent.

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