Media Requests

Filling out a media request form is the quickest and easiest way to contact our media response team.

At Equality Ohio, we believe that the news media serves as a crucial link in providing information to Ohioans about a variety of important issues, including LGBTQ+ focused topics. That’s why we aim to develop and maintain strong relationships with reporters, editors, and news producers. We regularly provide the media with expertise, sources, story ideas, and information about issues impacting LGBTQ+ Ohioans. We welcome the opportunity to help arrange interviews and photo opportunities with our experts and partners when possible. Please follow a few guidelines so that we can best serve you.

Interviews with staff, partners or community

Equality Ohio welcomes the opportunity to speak with the media. We can connect you with experts who are ready to help you with your story. Connections to families or our partners are case by case and require a brief screening process so that we can ensure the privacy requests of our community, partners, and staff are followed.

Please fill out a media request form or contact media@equalityohio.org and we will assist in scheduling an email, personal, virtual, or telephone interview. When possible, include your timeline and a bit about your approach to working with marginalized communities in your request.

Covering LGBTQ+ Issues 

We love to have you cover our stories.

Please fill out a media request form or contact media@equalityohio.org with your request details. We will be glad to coordinate and help arrange interviews when appropriate. If you are requesting an interview based on a press release we have published, please let us know. In order to cover Equality Ohio in your story, we ask journalists to first check out these guidelines for covering LGBTQ+ issues

Additionally, The Trans Journalist Association has a wealth of knowledge and information for journalists, including this very useful and helpful Style Guide. We highly recommend reviewing these resources as they are the resources we will refer to when booking interviews. Thank you in advance for your allyship!

High School and Undergraduate Journalists 

Thank you for including us in your educational pursuit! Please submit requests via our media request form, or send an email to media@equalityohio.org with Budding Journalist somewhere in the subject line, and we will be sure to tailor your request for your project. At this time we are only able to accept email interviews with budding journalists unless otherwise specified.