Be a Social Distance Activist for Equality

I don’t have to tell you that the last several weeks have been difficult. Every day we are posed with new challenges to our routine way of life, and the most recent closure of our local restaurants and bars, along with the general sense of unease that is accompanying COVID-19 can cause us to feel hopeless and powerless. This virus is having and will continue to have a massive impact on our everyday lives, and LGBTQ people are especially vulnerable, as Ken Schnek wrote in PRIZM.This is compounded by that fact that many of us are being forced to work from home, or worse, losing our jobs due to the closure of our workplaces. 

A good way to combat these feelings is to do something

Start a garden. Read a book. Bring a batch of cookies or a warm meal to your neighbor. These actions make our community stronger, especially as LGBTQ spaces across the state and country are being forced to close their doors. 

You can be a social-distance activist for LGBTQ issues.

This time also provides an important opportunity for you to help us in our mission to make Ohio a safer, more welcoming place for LGBTQ people. 

Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that every Ohioan, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, can live their lives free from the fear of discrimination. With the Ohio Legislature resuming regular session soon, we need to make sure that the Ohio Fairness Act is a priority for our elected leaders.

You can be a social distance advocate right now and help us pass the Ohio Fairness Act, protect LGBTQ youth against the harmful practice of so-called conversion therapy, and combat harmful bills like the ban on medical care for LGBTQ youth and the the ban on transgender athletes in high school and college sports. Here are some actions you can take from within your CDC-recommended six foot bubble.

Be A Social Distance Activist: Donate $20.

Equality Ohio is the only organization in Ohio dedicated to securing 100% of LGBTQ people’s civil rights. Changing Ohio’s laws and policies to better reflect––and protect––LGBTQ people is what we do. Donate $20 now.

Be A Social Distance Activist: Spend one hour a week volunteering from home.

Sign up for our virtual volunteer night, and bring a friend.

Our volunteer nights are exciting and filled with like-minded people who are doing what they can to make Ohio a state we can all call home, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Join us and sign-up for a volunteer shift right now.

Be A Social Distance Activist: Put on a relaxing playlist and contact these lawmakers (instructions in every link!). Bonus––at the moment, you’ll probably get voicemail.

Stop HB513, the ban on medical care for LGBTQ youth:

Our LGBTQ community-–and the rest of the communities we occupy––need your caring and solidarity. Your advocacy is a huge part of that.