Stories of Discrimination
This is Why We Fight

Josh Suppressed His Identity as a Young Gay Man. Now He is an Advocate for LGBTQ Ohioans

From personal experience, Josh knows that “no Ohioan should have to go to work every day fearing that they will be fired simply for being who they are and that no Ohioan should have to feel that they need to tolerate blatant harassment or a hostile work environment because they fear that an aspect of their intrinsic identity will be used to put an even bigger target on them if they dare to stand up for themselves.”

Parent of Transgender Child Wants American Dream for Everyone–Including Her Transgender Child

LaDonna is worried that dream may not be available in Ohio for her older son, who is transgender. She knows that despite the fact that her son is “one of the most amazingly smart, creative, loving, caring and talented twelve year old children that [she] knows,” he will face many challenges in his life, simply due to his gender identity.

OCRC gets LGBTQ discrimination complaints; cannot act

Ohio Civil Rights Commission is tasked with responding to and resolving complaints of discrimination. People submit complaints for a variety of different types of discrimination, such as race, disability, sex, […]

Jessica experienced discrimination. Now, she’s an activist.

Jessica lives in Ohio and experienced discrimination because she is transgender. Now, she’s speaking out.

Ohio Writer and Activist Uses Discrimination Experience in His Fight For Other Transgender People

Théo is a transgender man, and that day he was committed to sharing his story before lawmakers in Ohio, who were considering HB160, a bill to secure comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ Ohioans. He sat as person after person stood up, approached the podium, and delivered their testimony in favor of the bill.

Rev. Virginia Lohmann Bauman: we are all children of God

Rev. Virginia Lohmann Bauman (J.D., M.Div.) explains why she supports HB160, The Ohio Fairness Act, which would add LGBTQ people to the laws that make discrimination illegal in Ohio.