The Equality Ohio Legal Clinic

Equality Ohio often hears from LGBTQ+ people who are in a bind; sometimes because Ohio’s laws leave them out, and sometimes because many systems just aren’t set up to serve LGBTQ+ people.

The legal clinic offers many free legal services, like consumer law (such as fraud and identity theft), family law, civil rights, administrative help (such as SSI or disability) and more.

We also offer affordable online CLE courses for practicing attorneys, and general knowledge courses for the public.

In order to be represented by a lawyer from the legal clinic, your income must be within 300% of the federal poverty level.

Call 855-LGBT-LAW or fill out an intake form below.


Fill out an intake right here and we will contact you to get more information.

Legal Network

Join our legal network to gain expertise on LGBTQ+ issues and to get access to CLEs for working with Equality Ohio Legal Clinic referrals.

Trans Know Your Rights

A hub of information and answers to challenges faced by those in transition.

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