Empowering Ohioans in 2024

Love and Resistance: Empowering Ohioans in 2024

Welcome to the Love and Resistance hub, dedicated to empowering transgender individuals and our allies in Ohio as we collectively advance equality and justice in our state and set the tone nationally for what voters will not accept. In 2024, we refuse to comply with direct hate, and we reject being complicit in blatant discrimination that seeks to overstep into our private and personal decisions.

As Ohioans, we are rooted in legacy principles of action and change. We are a long line of resistance and we will continue to hold the line against injustice.

This hub is one of several incredible resource links popping up. A few of our favorites are linked below.  

Our Collective Superpower: Resistance

The word Ohio is an indigenous Iroquois word meaning “beautiful river”. In the face of discriminatory legislation like House Bill 68, our collective superpower lies in our resistance, powerful like a rushing river. By coming together as a community, we elevate our voices and strengthen our resolve. Together, we have the power to effect change and create a more inclusive state for all.

Calls To Action: 

AGENCY HEARINGS (3/18 in person, 3/21 virtual)

Both agencies considering rules on gender affirming care will have one hearing next week related to their proposed rules. Check out Trans Allies of Ohio’s wonderful overview of the agency rule process.

We invite transgender individuals, allies, and stakeholders directly impacted by the proposed agency rules and/or who have a particular expertise to submit testimony to both agencies against the OMHAS and ODH proposed agency rules. These regulations represent unwanted, unnecessary, and unconstitutional interference in transgender people’s lives. They not only constitute extreme government overreach but also contradict ethical principles, standards of care, and established medical practices.


  • Extensive data collection, which includes adults;
  • The legacy clause for current care, which seemingly applies only to initiating physicians before a specified date.
  • The restrictions on inpatient care and the potential for forced detransition are alarming and unacceptable. 
  • Many uncertainties remain, including issues surrounding informed consent, coverage for stand-alone facilities, the level of professional team contact, and the exact data to be collected. 

NOTE: Neither agency’s rules have taken effect, and will not go into effect until it makes it through the entire rule-making process. There are a few more steps to go.

MONDAY: OH Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OHMAS) Public Hearing

March 18th, 10:00 am IN PERSON at Rhodes Tower (30 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215) 

Rules being considered – Filed their REVISED Rules with JCARR on Feb. 15, 2024

WHAT TO EXPECT ON HEARING DAY: This hearing is in a different building and in front of different people than previous hearings at the Statehouse. It is our understanding that the actual decision-makers will not be present, and folks will be testifying largely to a tape recorder and some very kind staff members who will facilitate the testimonies. In other words, this will not be a particularly rewarding experience for folks testifying. That doesn’t mean it’s not important to show up and certainly not intended to deter folks from giving testimony, but I want to be honest about what to expect that day.  

To Submit Comments: Comments must be received by the agency by 5 pm on March 18th, 2024. Email comments to Lisa Musielewicz @ MH-SOT-GTC2-rules@mha.ohio.gov; if you plan to testify in person, please indicate so in your email.

THURSDAY: Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Public Hearing

March 21st, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm: via Teams Virtual Platform 

Rules Being Considered –  Filed their REVISED Rules with JCARR on Feb. 15, 2024

  • 3701-3-17: Reporting Gender-Related Condition Diagnoses and Gender Transition Care
  • 3701-59-06: Hospital Quality Standards for Gender Reassignment Surgery and Genital Gender Reassigment Surgery for Minors
  • 3701-59-07: Quality Standards for Gender Transition Treatment at Hospitals.
  • 3701-83-60: Health Care Facility Quality Standards for Gender Reassignment Surgery and Genital Gender Reassignment Surgery for Minors
  • 3701-83-61: Quality Standards for Gender Transition Treatment at Health Care Facilities

We urge you to actively participate in the upcoming virtual call addressing the Ohio Department of Health’s updated draft rules. This is not merely an opportunity, but a necessity, to fiercely advocate for our rights.

To Submit Comments: Email testimony and intent to testify (virtually or written-only) to Alicyn.Carrel@odh.ohio.gov: Subject line: TESTIFYING IN PUBLIC HEARING MARCH 21

TUESDAY: March 19th Primary Elections

Make sure to cast your vote in the primary elections by March 19th

Some things to consider about the candidates: endorsements, “priority issues” in campaign ads and websites, and relevant experience are helpful things to focus on. You can also learn a lot about a candidate’s personality and values from their social media presence. It’s worth 30 minutes of your time to really consider what will be on your ballot, I swear!


  • League of Women Voters Sample Ballots – Vote411.org 
  • Election Protection & Information Hotline: Have questions about voter registration deadlines, requesting absentee or mail-in ballots, or how to vote in-person during early voting or on Election Day? Call or text the hotline to speak with a trained nonpartisan volunteer.
    • English: 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)
    • Spanish/English: 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682)
    • Asian Languages/ English 888-API-VOTE (888-274-8683)
    • Arabic/English 844-YALLA-US (844-925-5287)
  • Community Support and Resources:
    • Representatives from organizations such as Equality Ohio, ACLU, and Trans Allies will be available at the Statehouse on the day of the hearings to offer support and guidance.


This portion is intended to provide support, guidance, and resources for transgender Ohioans, as well as information for allies on how to help as we navigate the challenges posed by discriminatory laws. Here, you will find:

  • Information on transgender rights
  • Resources for legal assistance and advocacy
  • Local medical, financial, and support services

Information About HB68

TransOhio has compiled an extensive overview of HB 68 and its impact on the community. Find the guide here

Our friends at transgender.org have also compiled the Empower Ohio Resource Kit. Below is a sample of information—view the entire kit here:

Gender Affirming Care Bans by State (map) via Campaign for Southern Equality (don’t let the name fool you, they serve Ohio too!)

Medical Resources: 

HB 68 has a “grandfather clause”. This means that trans youth already receiving care before April 23, 2024, can continue to do so. Youth under 18 years old who begin care before this date will continue to receive care uninterrupted.   

Our friends at TransOhio have put together a robust list of providers, found here

Equitas Health also hosts 17 in person medical clinics as well as a virtual clinic.

The Empower Ohio Kit by transgender.org also has local and alternative resources. 

Local Financial Assistance

TransOhio has put together the Trans-formation Emergency Fund for those looking to relocate or seek safer care. This includes urgent needs. 

Allies can donate to the fund here. At the time of this webpage’s publication, over 300 individuals and families have been helped. 

Support Lines

Elevate TransJoy

Other Areas of Support: 

While the resources provided on this page aim to offer a solid starting point for support and information, it’s important to remember that they are only a small selection of resources available to you in Ohio. Local and regional organizations play a critical role in offering specialized support, and we encourage you to explore these additional services further. For the most up-to-date information and additional assistance, check out the links below!