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August 9th, 2022


Equality Ohio has publicly released its long awaited 2022 Ohio Lawmaker Equality Scorecard, which analyzes the legislative voting record of Ohio’s state legislators during the 134th General Assembly as well as the career accomplishments of the candidates for the statewide offices that impact LGBTQ+ Ohioans most. The in-depth webpage and free PDF download  analyze candidates for statewide executive and legislative offices including: U.S. Senator, Ohio Governor, Ohio Attorney General, Ohio Secretary of State, and Ohio Auditor. 

“Elections are always important,” said Executive Director Alana Jochum in her opening note for the scorecard. “But this year, our election results could decide the fate of Ohio’s democracy for years to come. It is so important that LGBTQ+ Ohioans and the people who love them show up on November 8th and vote our values—both to ensure that fair-minded people get elected and to ensure that our democratic institutions can continue to rebuild. Voting is never an individual action. It is an act of love for all Ohioans. 

This year’s scorecard also includes the critically important Ohio Supreme Court races. Three Ohio Supreme Court seats are up for election this year, including the Chief Justice seat. Two million cases go through Ohio’s state court system every year, and having a Chief Justice that respects and protects civil rights is essential for LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities.

The Governor, Secretary of State, and State Auditor will hold three of the seven seats on Ohio’s Redistricting Commission. The Ohio Redistricting Commission, which will be charged with drawing the next round of Ohio’s district maps, holds incredible power over Ohio’s future. Good faith drafting, fair and representative mapmaking, and bipartisan cooperation will be key components to making the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s work and process go smoothly and get to a fair outcome.

As a nonpartisan coalition that understands education is the bedrock of a high-functioning democracy,” said Cynthia Peeples, Founding Director of Honesty for Ohio Education. “We know Ohio voters must be educated voters. Learning about the offices, researching the candidates, and studying the issues are crucial steps to ensure our ballots reflect our values around honest education, identity, and sexuality. An educated vote is the greatest instrument of power we have for transformational change, we must use it at every opportunity.

This scorecard is a free tool that anyone within or supportive of the LGBTQ+ Ohio community can use to learn about state government. The scorecard gives voters information to make an informed decision at the ballot on November 8th. Equality Ohio’s 2022 Elected Official Scorecard is available as a free download. A detailed analysis can be found at equalityohio.org/scorecard-2022