New Year, New General Assembly: The 135th GA Has Begun, but What Does that Mean?

It’s the beginning of 2023, and Equality Ohio is diving into this year with a spirit of shared community. We are all wondering what’s ahead for LGBTQ+ rights in Ohio. 

The short answer: A lot. 

2023 is the starting point for Ohio’s 2-year long General Assembly (or State Legislature). This is the period of time during which bills can be introduced, and during which bills can die. 

What happened to all the bills from last year? 

Bills from 2022 died in December, including many of the bad bills we fought against together. This year, we are in a new General Assembly with new lawmakers, new assignments, and new bills. You will start to see Equality Ohio discuss bills with new names, new numbers and new opportunities for us to show up and show out.

The 2023 GA will last through 2024, so be prepared to keep your eyes on our social media, on your inbox and here on our blog for analysis, actions and alerts from Equality Ohio. You can also join Defenders of Equality if you’d like to receive additional perks and opportunities. 


New Year, New General Assembly: the 135th GA had begun 🔥

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