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Ohio Legislators ‘Come Out’ to Support LGBTQ Ohioans

Last week, 30 members of the Ohio House of Representatives introduced a bill to officially designate October 11th as Coming Out Day. This bill is an exciting opportunity for the Ohio Legislature to show support for LGBTQ Ohioans. The celebration was started in 1988 by LGBTQ activists, Jean O’Leary and Robert Eichberg, as a way […]

SCOTUS considering LGBTQ employment discrimination cases

On Tuesday, October 8 the Supreme Court of the United States will hear three cases about LGBTQ employment discrimination that will determine if federal law protects LGBTQ people.   I can’t overstate the importance of these cases. The Court must affirm that LGBTQ people have the right to work and be judged only on their merit […]

I don’t have a perfect voting record either

Yep, my voting record is hit or miss.  Even as proud as I am to be an advocate for justice, equity, and liberation, there are several years when I did not vote. There were years in my life where I was moving, unsure of what was on the ballot, but there were definitely years where […]