Orchard Hill United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ is both older than America and newer than tomorrow, with a theology that values being loving more than being right. Pilgrims and Puritans were our spiritual forbears, traveling great distances and making tremendous sacrifices to ensure freedom of religion and liberty of thought. It is in this tradition that we stand, a congregation bound together through grace and love in a covenant that respects all persons and all perspectives. We might not always agree about how Jesus and justice are best followed and found, but here you can be sure that's the message that matters most: Seeking Jesus and justice wherever we are.

Our congregation has been officially designated Open and Affirming since 1999, and has participated in many advocacy, training, and spiritual healing initiatives in our 16-year history of intentional LGBT partnership. We have LGBT members and leaders, and twice have been led by openly queer pastors, including current Reverend, Rev. Terry Williams.

Our congregation sponsors the SAPLINGs LGBTQ+ group (Sharing a Place of Love, Inclusivity, Nurturing, and Growth) and our commitment to Trans* advocacy is on the move as we are helping to birth both a Trans* share group and a Trans* Families monthly meeting.

In July we were proud to host the first two same-sex marriages in our county, and we continue to be the only church in our immediate area offering pre-marital counseling, ceremonies, and post-wedding support to LGBT persons and families.