Philippus United Church of Christ

<strong>Mission Statement:</strong>

Pointing the way to serve Christ through love, faith, family and community.

<strong>Vision Statement:</strong>

As followers of Jesus Christ and in partnership with the wider United Church of Christ, We are called to be the Body of Christ in a multicultural, urban neighborhood; embracing, celebrating God’s transforming love, by living our faith, working in hope for reconciliation and pointing the way to peace in our community and throughout the world.


For over 100 years Philippus United Church of Christ has served the community and the world in the name of Jesus Christ. Our history is rich and full. God has blessed us in many and varied ways. While our congregation was once a German ethnic congregation located in a German neighborhood of Cincinnati, this is no longer true.  While we continue to honor our heritage, our ministries reflect the diversity of our community.

We have experienced many changes through the years.  We know that God has constantly guided us through each day and into each new day.  God continues to lead us in new and bold directions.  Although our church is over 100 years old, our thinking is not.