Temple Sholom

Temple Sholom is purposeful about opportunities for Jewish meaning. We believe that there is a lifelong continuum to sacred living requiring ongoing attention and intention. Every congregant pursues an individualized Jewish spiritual path within the context of a nurturing, creative, and holy community. Through a holistic approach to congregational life, every encounter with the synagogue, worship, learning, and community are opportunities for sacred meaning and growth. We are not a congregation of consumers; we are a sacred congregation who deeply believe in the power of personal and communal connections to the Divine.

<strong>At Temple Sholom we…</strong>
<li>Support the sacred process of the personal spiritual journey</li>
<li>Foster community that is committed to the <em>hachnasat orchim</em> (hospitality) through our commitment to inclusion and diminishing social barriers</li>
<li>Dedicated to <em>K’lal Yisrael</em> (Jewish peoplehood) and the unique relationship we have as individuals and as a group with the Divine.</li>
<li>We embrace that Jewish identity is broadly defined by culture, religious practice, realtionships and/or through ancestry</li>
<li>Understand the vital need for genuine involvement of lay leadership</li>
<li>Open to a culture of experimentation</li>
<li>See <em>Gemillut Chasadim</em> (acts of loving-kindness) as sacred acts of compassion that contribute to a more whole and peaceful world</li>
<li>Promote an environment of creative spiritual expression</li>
<li>Advocate for <em>Tzedek</em> (justice) in our world</li>
<li>Cultivate personal and family Jewish practice for the home</li>
<li>Encourage individuals to seek out the presence of a higher power/ God/ Adonai in their daily actions and relationships</li>
<li>Recognize that the changes we implement are substantive Jewish additions to our community, based in our sacred history and the values of our community</li>
<strong>Temple Sholom is a sacred Jewish community who offers a meaningful framework for personal and communal connections with God, Torah, Israel, and Community.</strong>