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Read our testimony on why racism must be declared a public health crisis

Today, the Ohio Senate Committee on Health, Human Services, and Medicaid is holding a second hearing on SCR 14, which will designate racism as a public health crisis. We submitted written testimony in support of the resolution, and you can read it here: Chair Burke, Vice Chair Huffman, Ranking Member Antonio, and distinguished members of […]

Here’s what white LGBTQ people can do right now.

Columbus is one of many cities across Ohio and across the country trying to resolve its ambitions of character with the behavior of its police––on Friday, June 6 2020, Black LGBTQ community leaders in the region sent this letter to the community. But first, below are the names of 155 siblings, children, parents, workers, and […]

Statement on Equality Ohio Joining June 1 Economic Boycott

Columbus Urban League is calling for an economic protest for Monday, June 1. Equality Ohio staff are urged to participate as we affirm our solidarity with Columbus Urban League and everybody doing the exhausting work of healing this country. As Nick Bankston, president of Columbus Urban League said: “racism has penetrated every single institution this […]

LGBTQ Organizations Unite to Combat Racial Violence

This spring has been a stark and stinging reminder that racism, and its strategic objective, white supremacy, is as defining a characteristic of the American experience as those ideals upon which we claim to hold our democracy — justice, equality, liberty.