Welcome to #OhioCanPlay


In Ohio, lawmakers are attempting to pass the misleadingly named, “Save Women’s Sports Act” (House Bill 61 and Senate Bill 132). The bill would ban transgender athletes from competing on the team in alignment with their gender identity in both high school and college sports, and is just one more way LGBTQ+ youth are being demonized by politicians at the statehouse.


Through the #OhioCanPlay campaign, Equality Ohio, alongside our partners, allies, and community members, will directly confront the false, negative narrative being spread about transgender youth athletes and encourage all youth spaces to be welcoming and affirming for all. We are asking partners to submit videos in support of Transgender and Non-binary youth in athletics. 


Record a video, up to 1 minute long, telling us about your positive experiences with youth sports in Ohio. You can talk about their importance to your own life or simply a statement stating why you support transgender athletes in Ohio sports. You can do this as an individual, family, group of friends, or organization. Just make sure it’s under a minute!

Take the video horizontally NOT vertically, so that we can adjust it for all social media platforms.

In the video, please say your name, pronouns, and where in Ohio you are from. 

Share something you appreciate about youth sports.* 

  1. Upload your final video to google drive or dropbox and send it to [email protected]
  2. Participate in the #OhioCanPlay campaign on social media by posting your video online with the #OhioCanPlay hashtag!
  3. Have questions? Contact [email protected] 

*Not sure what to say? See our sample script on the next page for more ideas.


  • Film in a quiet setting
  • If making a video with multiple speakers, differing backgrounds between speakers is encouraged to add texture. 
  • If possible, allow for some vertical height above the speaker’s head for various cropping options
  • Try not to move your head around too much while you talk. 
  • Ideally, videos will have at least 1080p resolution, and a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. Videos may be edited into a vertical 16:9 aspect ratio for various video platforms.


Branding in the background or worn or mentioned by your subject is encouraged. However, branded overlays will be added in post by Equality Ohio in order to create a campaign. 

If your organization would like to add branding/logos, include it in a separate attachment when you submit your video. Your branding will be included on the overlay, along with Equality Ohio’s and the hashtag branding for the campaign.



Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is (your name), my pronouns are (xx/xx) and I…

  • Am a student athlete in Ohio
  • Am the parent of a youth athlete in Ohio
  • Am a (position) on (sports team)

Answer ONE of the following questions (Restate the question in your answer). 

What makes a great athlete? 

  • Someone who is dedicated to the game
  • Someone who works well with other people
  • Someone who is smart and  thinks strategically

What do/did you love most about playing youth sports? 

  • My favorite coach who taught me… 
  • Challenging myself to…
  • Spending Saturday mornings with my friends…

What makes a great team? 

  • A team supports each other on and off the field
  • Each individual brings something unique to the team and everyone belongs on the playing field
  • inspires new people to play, shows the integrity and collaboration we want to see in society

What do you love most about watching your kid(s) play sports?

  • I love watching my kid become a leader on the field
  • Watching my kid overcome adversity during a high stakes match

Add a conclusion sentence

  • Sports shape kids’ lives in such profoundly important ways
  • Let’s make sure every kid in Ohio gets the opportunity to be part of a team
  • Let’s make sure every kid in Ohio gets the chance to build character, and learn the importance of teamwork
  • The thing about trans kids  is that… they’re kids! Kids belong in Ohio sports

End with: We want to make sure lawmakers know that #OhioCanPlay.