You have until April 27 to mail in your Ohio primary ballot, but you have to mail in a request for it first.

The Ohio Legislature acted the Ohio’s primary election amid coronavirus disruption. Here’s what you need to know about completing your Ohio primary vote. 

  • ♿️If you need to vote in-person because of a disability, you can skip these steps and vote in-person at your local county Board of Elections on April 28 only.
  • ???? There will be no in-person voting for most people.
  • ✅If you have already voted, you are done! Your job now is to share this information with others. This is very unusual and people will need to know the new procedures.
  • ???? Request your ballot by filling out this form. This is a primary election, so choose a party (or issues) ballot. Print and sign. 
  • ???? Mail your request form to your local county Board of Election. 
  • ???? You will receive a ballot in the mail. Once you get it, complete it and mail it back with the stated postage. Act fast, because it must be mailed and postmarked by April 27 (meaning, it has to be in the mail before April 28th).

We recognize that these conditions are not ideal. If you do not have a printer, call your county’s Board of Elections and ask for them to mail you a ballot request.