Trans Realities in Ohio, Defending Our Joy

Meet Laurenzo: an amazing advocate and content creator alongside their partner Barrie—Together they are working to provide resources for Queer youth.

What’s one piece of advice you would currently give other Transgender folks?

I primarily engage with transgender teens and young adults, and I often encourage them to cultivate a strong support system of people who accept and love them for who they are. The struggles we often face for who we are can help us to become more resilient, compassionate, and empathetic to ourselves and towards others.

Think back to when you first began your journey. What resource do you most wish you had access to back then? Moving forward, what do you still need?

I wish that I had more accessible educational materials (on topics such as gender identity, gender dysphoria (or euphoria), how hormones impact the body, and trans-lived experiences). Moving forward, I wish I had an effective approach to convey this information in a digestible way to younger folks.

Has there been a meaningful moment of support that has stuck with you?

Yes. I remember having a Professor in Graduate School who cared about my wellbeing, and even though she did not know the extent of what I was feeling, she just offered love and support in my process. When I eventually shared that I use they/them pronouns and identify as nonbinary, she accepted my truths without hesitation or question.

What does Pride mean to you this year? 

This year, Pride means making a difference in the lives of our LGBTQ+ youth. I want to be a person that they can connect with, and that seeing me thriving and happy will offer them strength and hope know that it gets better. My partner (Barrie Rose) and I are airing a “Self Care Series” on my YouTube Channel this Pride in order to encourage and affirm LGBTQ+ youth and encourage them to adapt their own self care practices this June.

What brings you joy?

I feel incredible joy that I get to do the work that I do as an LGBTQ+ Content Creator on YouTube and TikTok. I am also thankful for my partner, who is an incredible (and also nonbinary) human. The love I have for them is boundless, and I’m grateful that we can be our most authentic selves together and make a difference in the world and for the queer community.


Over the course of June, The Defenders of Equality are bringing you stories from Trans folks across the state of Ohio about the joys and very real struggles they are experiencing, often at once. We invite you this Pride season to hold space for these realities in the Trans community, both good and bad.

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Our very own superhero mascot, The Lavender Legend is a proud member of the Trans community! The Gay Guardian and Captain Carnation are excited to support their friend this Pride season (and beyond).

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