Trans Realities in Ohio, Defending Our Joy

Meet Xavier: member of one of our personal favorite organizations, Black Transmen of Ohio.

What’s one piece of advice you would currently give other Transgender folks?

Be yourself. No matter what. It takes great strength, courage, and valor in order love authentically. Societal standards are comfort zones which should be challenged internally and externally for progress is made through change. Creations exist because of change from the seasons to the orbit of the Earth to the advancements in science and embracing wisdom through experiences. There is only one you and you matter.

Think back to when you first began your journey. What resource do you most wish you had access to back then?

Moving forward, what do you still need?

When I began my journey of dualism as a 2-Spirit I wish I had a community of understanding individuals to encourage, support, and just listen. The journey of embracing internally authenticity is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/belief (whatever that belief may be) comprehensively. This is still needed within the community. 

Has there been a meaningful moment of support that has stuck with you?

A meaningful moment that I have encountered is discovering that people like myself have existed throughout history and cultures around the world. 

What brings you joy?

My foundation of who I am today in this present moment and the hope and faith that the world is changing for the betterment of everyone even if the changes are small is what brings me joy.

What does Pride mean to you this year? 

This year Pride means unconditional self love to me.


Over the course of June, The Defenders of Equality are bringing you stories from Trans folks across the state of Ohio about the joys and very real struggles they are experiencing, often at once. We invite you this Pride season to hold space for these realities in the Trans community, both good and bad.

As you sit with these stories, consider contributing to the continued fight for our Trans community, by joining the Defenders of Equality. Our Trans siblings deserve our support, today and everyday. 

Our very own superhero mascot, The Lavender Legend is a proud member of the Trans community! The Gay Guardian and Captain Carnation are excited to support their friend this Pride season (and beyond).

Make a move to fund the continued fight for our community members, like Eileen, by joining the Defenders of Equality. With rates as diverse as our community, we hope you will be able to find the one that works for you.