First Community Church

First Community Church is “the church of the infinite quest,” as described in 1924 by The Reverend M. H. Lichliter of First Congregational Church. Remaining true to that spirit, our church believes …
<li>All people are included in God’s unconditional love and grace.</li>
<li>In Jesus Christ whose life revealed God’s love at work in the human family.</li>
<li>In the Holy Spirit as the power by which we are brought into closer harmony with our Creator.</li>

Therefore we…
<li>Strive to follow the path of Jesus Christ, while recognizing other pathways to the Divine.</li>
<li>Encourage each person’s spiritual journey, embracing a variety of spiritual disciplines.</li>
<li>Understand that the words we use to express our faith are to be lived out by loving and compassionate action.</li>
<li>Take the Bible seriously, not literally; finding more grace in the search for meaning than in absolute certainty.</li>
<li>Agree to differ, unite to serve, and resolve to love.</li>
<h5>Mission Statement</h5>
First Community Church is called to embody the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and the eternal love of God, honoring and expanding our heritage of innovative ministry with a commitment to growth.

To that end, we will provide:
<li>a center for worship, celebration, study, fellowship and sanctuary;</li>
<li>resources for support for new forms of ministry;</li>
<li>opportunities for learning and spiritual growth through all the seasons of life;</li>
<li>motivation and resources for empowering service to each other and to the world;</li>
<li>an inclusive Christian community respecting pluralism, agreeing to differ, resolving to love and uniting to serve.</li>
<h5>Vision Statement</h5>
A diverse community of individuals, each actively seeking to make Christ’s example of God’s love for every person real in our world through service, study, worship and giving:
<li>celebrating life in groupings of families and individuals,</li>
<li>risking with innovation while honoring tradition,</li>
<li>encouraging search and empowering belief,</li>
<li>standing with those who suffer,</li>
<li>loving unconditionally.</li>